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Kringle Store is a TBC Community online deals marketplace and advertising service provider with community-peer2peer, membership-based, customer-base.

Kringle Store enables peer-to-peer, business-to-customer and customer-to-customer deal promotions in combination of new and used goods, services, ads, professional and local job placements with Kringle as the only means of exchange!

TBC ultimate goal is to end poverty globally! This platform gives the leverage for all TBCIANS to trade in their locations around the globe, Ads are grouped based on geographic area, business category and type of goods/services!


Kringle Store aims to empower TBCIANS in shaping the future of finance by using the virtual cryptocurrency “Kringle” in a decentralized marketplace as an exchange of value around the globe.


Kringle Store team are global crypto evangelists with strong passion for the sustainable development of TBC, an innovative platform, empowering one of the fastest growing crypto currency networking community in the world to spend, sell/buy – goods/services for Kringle in a rapidly globalizing world.

Our aim is to become the meeting hub for TBCIANS online shopping lovers, merchants ads placements zone, wandering adventurers of crypto exchange and for all Internet users, searching for something new to become a Billionnaire, no matter where their whereabouts.

This platform accommodates both clients, merchants and intending TBCIANS, open opportunities to caters their needs, where the merchant can be client and every user can sell or buy any product.

We remain number one and strong till one billion ultimate goal of TBC.